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Serena Sahir Angelic Arab & Indian Princess

  • Name: Serena Sahir
  • Gender:Female
  • County: Delaware
  • City: Felton...
  • Age: 20 Year
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Ad ID: 7347
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About me

Indulge in the realm of unbridled desire, where every glance ignites a spark and every word dances with intrigue. Behold, a mesmerizing vision—my ethereal presence, standing at a petite 5'3" and a tantalizing 100 pounds, weaving together the seductive allure of Arabic and Indian descent, ensconced in the pulsating heart of New York City. Beyond the confines of mere visual enchantment, prepare to be bewitched by a tapestry woven with threads of charm and wit. If my stunning photos fail to bewitch you completely, be prepared to surrender to the irresistible magnetism of my words and the allure of my enchanting personality. Allow me to be your nocturnal siren, whispering secrets in the moonlit chambers of your desires, or your vivacious partner-in-crime, igniting the city with our raucous adventures. Irrespective of our escapades, I guarantee a flawless presentation that will leave you breathless—a vision of elegance and sophistication that will mesmerize all who cross our path. You like being the envy of every man in the room and I like being envied for the curve of my hip, the cut of my jawline, and the jewels that tend to drip close to my perfectly manicured fingertips. For those who dare to plunge deeper, craving the intoxicating spell of prolonged companionship, I offer a glimpse into a world where time loses its grasp, and enchantment thrives. Such profound connections are best nurtured through lingering hours, where passions intertwine and desires ignite in an exquisite dance. And yes, my rates reflect the exclusivity and bliss that only extended encounters can unveil. Rest assured, I am no illusion or facade, but a shimmering embodiment of authenticity. Who I appear to be online is who I unveil when I'm with you: a genuine reflection of my essence—an enigmatic seductress devoted to forging enduring memories. Are you the type of man who appreciates the extraordinary beauty of an exotic bloom like myself? Prepare to surrender to a world where desire unfurls like a delicate blossom, where laughter echoes like elusive whispers, and where every moment is infused with an aura of mystery and delight. Take my hand and let me lead you to a path fraught with whispers, sin and decadence. Until we meet, Serena Sahir To learn more about me please visit read my website: My Videos: To get to know me much better follow my social media: Twitter | @SerenaSahirNYC Instagram | @SerenaSahirNYC TikTok | @SerenaSahirNYC


Time Incall Outcall
1 hour£ 160 £ 170
2 hours£ 300£ 320
3 hours£ 400£ 420
4 hoursN/A£ 480





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