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Gigi Lenoir Elegant French Coquette

  • Name: Gigi Lenoir
  • Gender:Female
  • County: Delaware
  • City: Dover...
  • Age: 30 Year
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Ad ID: 7432
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About me

Allow me to capture your attention, cher ami. It brings me great joy to have your presence as I graciously introduce myself. Those who are privy to my essence describe me as a sincere, diligent, and delightfully enigmatic blend of "European allure with a touch of Mystère." From the depths of my French heritage, a profound sense of sophistication courses through my veins, as I embrace the art of impeccable service and captivating entertainment. My spirit is as versatile as it is adventurous – the allure of a luxurious, five-star retreat is as enticing to me as a rustic escapade in the idyllic countryside. Though, I must confess, the grandeur of a five-star sanctuary may triumph on occasion, but I trust you comprehend my underlying message. As much as I relish languid moments in my intimate attire, akin to the next belle, let us not overlook the opportunity to embark on epicurean adventures together! Whether the occasion demands an elegant updo or a pair of well-worn jeans, I am always eager to explore your cherished haunts or revel in the latest culinary sensation of the city. By nature, I am a truly adventurous soul, constantly consumed by the anticipation of my next expedition across the globe. With 40 countries already etched into the fabric of my wanderlust, the thirst for discovery remains unquenchable. From sushi in Tokyo, the glitz of Singapore, and the countryside of my home country, France, I’ll never say no to another stamp in my passport. The choice, mon cher, lies in your hands: let us craft unforgettable memories amidst the enchanting embrace of the cosmopolitan metropolis, or embark upon a romantic odyssey in lands afar!


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1 hour£ 160 £ 170
2 hours£ 300£ 320
3 hours£ 400£ 420
4 hoursN/A£ 480





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